for the following jobs:

NCDOT Division Five Letting

DE00325 Franklin Co. Bid Date:  March 28th

NCDOT Division One Letting

DA00413 Washington Co. Bid Date:  April 4th

NCDOT Division Two Letting

DB00393 Lenoir Co. Bid Date:  April 11th

DB00408 Pitt Co. Bid Date:  April 11th

These projects may involve some or all of the following aspects of construction: construction survey, clear and grub, trucking, drainage, milling, paving, incidental concrete, fence and guardrail, signs, structures, traffic control, utilities, signals, pavement marking, erosion control and seeding.  Please contact S. T. Wooten Corporation at 252-291-5165, Fax 252-243-0900 no later than 5:00 p.m. the day before the bid date.

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